Art Exhibition: Ryosuke Aruse「imprint」

offsait studio is pleased to announce the solo exhibition 「imprint」 by Kyoto artist Ryosuke Aruse.

Aruse is based in Kyoto and incorporates his memories and emotions into his creations. To control organic shapes, he utilizes the bleeding technique of watercolors.

So far, Aruse’s creations have not been verbalized but rather conveyed through the images. This raises questions about his message. Or is it a concept? What is it?

The focus of the 「imprint」exhibition is on his traces. When Aruse experiences something in his daily life, he spends days painting about that exact moment, instead of writing it down. All his previous works are like his footprints.

We hope you can enjoy tracing back Aruse’s inner feelings and memories during this exhibition.

Ryosuke Aruse 「imprint」

Offline Venue
March 11th (Friday) - March 27th (Sunday), 2022
Business hours: 12:00-18:00
Holiday: Tuesdays & Wednesdays
※Admission may be restricted to prevent COVID-19.

offsait studio
46-3 Nishishinyashiki Ageya-cho, Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto

Online Venue
March 14th (Monday) - March 27th (Sunday), 2022
The online store will be open to the public at 20:00.


■About the idea and countermeasures of coronavirus
As a countermeasure against the novel coronavirus, we will take preventive measures at offsait studio.
Events during this period may be postponed depending on the situation.

Visual Design:Yuka Kubo

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