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Tsutsui Tokimasa | Sparkler from Kanto Naga-te Peony

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This colorful Naga-te Peony senko-hanabi (literally incense firework) is wrapped in Washi (Japanese paper). 

The Naga-te Peony is a nostalgic sparkler among people in the Kanto area (Eastern area of Japan), where rice production was poor, but Japanese paper manufacturing flourished. Therefore, as a substitute for straws, the gunpowder was wrapped in Washi. Due to the popularity in the Kanto region, these sparklers became the standard all around Japan.The Naga-te Peony senko-hanabi burns in different stages. When lit, a jiggling small red ball moves its way along the line until it slowly starts to pitter-patter. Right after, the delicate firework blossoms into a flower of sparks and slowly fades out.

Quantity: 15pcs

 * Fireworks will be delivered by Sagawa Express. 
 * Please note that we cannot ship this product overseas. 

Made in Japan

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