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【offsait x inigo studio】VOID Tote Bag with Cactus Leather Handles | White Canvas | City Boys

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We are happy to announce the collaboration with Inigo Studio.

We have used the beautiful illustrations from Inigo and created unique VOID tote bags. The limited series is a mixed media artwork by using scrapped fabrics during the production of our SEQUENCE shirts. The fabric scraps are all hand dyed by us with bengala and indigo as the soft and muted colors perfectly harmonize with the gentle illustrations.

For this limited series, we were highly inspired by the noren (entranceway curtains) that our beloved friend created for our store.

* Each bag is one of a kind as every piece is hand made and hand dyed. 

Left: City Boys
Middle: Man with Lyre
Right: the Boy with Love on His Side

▶︎ About VOID Tote Bag
A minimalist flat tote bag with the offsait logo print on the front.
The smooth black cactus leather shoulder straps slip over the shoulder with ease. A small pocket inside holds your phone and wallet within easy reach. 

– Size: W34 x H45 (cm)
– Double shoulder strap: approx. 70cm long 

– Made in Japan

▶︎ Material
The handles of the VOID tote bag are made from Desserto® cactus leather. Due to the molecular binding of the cactus components, Desserto® has excellent breathability and durability against friction. The handles of the VOID tote bag are resistant to moisture and UV rays and are easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth.

▶︎ How the Desserto® Cactus Leather is Produced
For the production of their vegan leather, Desserto® uses the native Mexican nopal cactus. The cacti on the farms are grown entirely with rainwater and without the use of irrigation systems.On the farms, the cacti are grown without herbicides and pesticides. About every 8 months, the mature leaves of the nopal cacti are cut and dried under the sun for 3 days until the pulp reaches the desired humidity levels for further processing. The pulp is then turned into powder and molded into sheets without the use of PVC. Desserto® cactus leather consists of 35% cactus and about 5% of other natural ingredients. The dying and tanning process of the Desserto® vegan leather is made with naturally derived ingredients and is not treated with toxic chemicals such as chrome.

▶︎ Low Environmental Impact
Cactus leather is considered as the leather with the least environmental impact on the planet. The production of the Desserto® cactus leather in Mexico requires no irrigation system and almost no external energy. Unlike conventional leather and faux leather, cactus leather, in general, has low water usage, CO2 emission and doesn’t use harmful chemicals during the production process.

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