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MAGASINN KYOTO | Hand & Mask Spray ~Escape to the Suburbs~

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An organic ※1 disinfectant spray with a refreshing scent reminiscing of trees and fields.

MAGASINN KYOTO developed the Escape to the Suburbs Hand & Mask Spray to turn the sanitization process into a pleasant time.

The 50ml bottle is easy to carry at any time and makes disinfecting ※2 your hands, and masks a scented aromatic experience.

The aloe extract from the southern Japanese island Miyakojima performs as a moisturizing ingredient for the hands.

The soft blend of Japanese cypress, Atlas cedarwood, Virginia cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood, and rose geranium creates a scent of a lakeside forest.

To minimize the alcohol scent, usually associated with sanitizers, Escape to the Suburbs blends biomass ethanol derived from sugar cane with organic ※1 essential oils.

Essential oils (Japanese cypress, Atlas cedarwood, Virginia cedarwood, vetiver, rose geranium, sandalwood) are used as a fragrance.

This product can be used as hand sanitizer (according to the announcement of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on April 22, 2020). Please keep yourself up to date on this matter. Decisions made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare may change in the future.

* Since this product contains alcohol, only domestic delivery within Japan is available.

Content: 50ml

Use against bacteria and viruses.
Ingredients: Sugarcane-derived biomass ethanol (66 %), water, denatured ethanol, essential oils, aloe extract from Miyakojima.

Made in Japan

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