Circular Design

We at offsait studio start our designs to increase the life-cycle of our items.

We believe that circular design is key to sustainability.

Our mindful designs are easy to upcycle, and we have teamed up with local Japanese ateliers and dyers to minimize our impact on the environment.

Our Services

We have created a network of innovative ateliers and professional dyers from Japan
to increase the longevity of our products.


Our effort to minimize our impact on the environment starts with our designs.Each offsait studio piece is made to be upcycled into a new product.

Besides our mindful design approach, we use fabric scraps and collect products from previous customers to create our upcycled items.

See our Upcycled Products

Simply fill out the form to send the offsait studio piece you would like to upcycle. After receiving your item, we will send you a 5% off coupon for our upcycled pieces.

Upcycle Request Form


We at offsait studio have teamed up with local fabric dyers in Japan to give your purchase a new tone.

After years of wearing and washing, your offsait studio product might need a new dye to strengthen the fabric again.

Currently, we offer indigo dye from Watanabe’s in Tokushima and black dye from Kyoto Montsuki in Kyoto.

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The atelier Sakurasanchoume inTokyo handles our repair requests.

If your offsait studio product needs repair or mending, please use the form to get an estimate for your request from Sakurasanchoume.

Repair Request Form