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  • Tsutsui Tokimasa | To-ka - offsait studio
  • Tsutsui Tokimasa | To-ka - offsait studio
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Tsutsui Tokimasa | To-ka

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Tsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks specializes in small, handheld fireworks and has been producing fireworks for over 80 years. The To-Ka firework is filled with colored gunpowder. When ignited, it sparkles in the color of the gunpowder. 
The transparent pipe used for the To-Ka firework is made of ACETY®, a sheet made from natural raw materials such as cotton linter and wood pulp. 

Quantity: 4pcs

 * Fireworks will be delivered by Sagawa Express. 
 * Please note that we cannot ship this product overseas. 

Made in Japan

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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