On a journey
to Urban Utopia

Our vision of Urban Utopia is a continuum.

We constantly redefine what and why we do things to reach our destination.

Come with us on a journey - to the present and the future.

Blending non-binary
& free size

We create a place where the framework of binary gender identity is irrelevant. Consequently, our designs are for everyone. Inclusivity is a core value, and our designs only come in one size.

The local advantage

All our pieces are designed and crafted locally in Japan with close connections to the atelier in Tokyo.

The small manufacturers we work with are from Niigata and Kansai. The Japanese craftsmanship of making clothes is something we value, and by this, we reduce our carbon footprint.

Carefully selected textiles

On our journey, we’ve already come across
some exciting sustainable materials.
We have worked with the Desserto cactus leather,
TENCEL™, and sustainable wool.
Our product range of planet-friendly textiles will grow as we move forward.

Cactus Leather

Desserto cactus leather is not only known for its durability and breathability but is also considered the most environmentally friendly bio-leather option.

The production of the Desserto cactus leather in Mexico requires no irrigation system and almost no external energy sources.

Unlike conventional leather and faux leather, the Desserto cactus leather has low water usage, CO2 emission and doesn’t use harmful chemicals during the production process.


TENCEL ™ Lyocell uses PEFC and FSC certified and controlled wood sources.

Since lyocell derives from natural raw materials, it is biodegradable. The Lenzing AG uses a closed-loop production process that reuses more than 99% of the water and solvent utilized in the production process. Traditional viscose production uses toxic chemicals that aren’t necessary for the TENCEL™ solutions. The solvent used for the NMMO process is fully ecological and environmentally friendly. TENCEL™ also requires less energy during the production process and requires only 1/100 water of what conventional cotton does.

Mulesing-free Wool

Wool is known for its all-season characteristics and is an excellent fiber to create designs for many seasons and years to wear. The wool fiber is naturally odor-fighting, moisture-wicking, and low-maintenance. Due to the anti-bacterial nature, a wool garment doesn’t need much washing, and drying and airing out the product is usually enough.

We at offsait studio only use mulesing-free wool from Australia as we stand with our decision that no animal has to go through this painful and traumatizing procedure.

A journey never ends
in Urban Utopia

Besides using sustainable materials for our items, we at offsait studio think about increasing the life-cycle of our products early in the design process. Such as, the patterns of our items usually consist of larger pieces that can easily be reused for new products.

offsait studio offers several services to help increase the longevity of your products. Together, with our network of innovative ateliers and professional dye houses, we are on the way to a more sustainable world - urban utopia.

our Circular Designs