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  • Suu Organic Essential Oil - offsait studio
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Suu Organic Essential Oil

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Awaji Island produces 70% of Japan’s incense and has a long history of growing and harvesting herbs. Suu is harvesting herbs that are grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides by hand to ensure the scents are pure.

Country of Origin: Japan, Hyogo Prefecture, Awaji Island
Extraction method: Steam distillation method


Island Lavender
Suu’s Island Lavender is a blend of different species from the lavender family and a classic choice for essential oil lovers. Lavender is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and promotes calmness and sleep.

Content: 5ml

Lemon Eucalyptus
The lemon eucalyptus aroma consists of citronellal and citronellol. The citrus notes of lemon eucalyptus, in contrast to the common eucalyptus, create a softer scent that is fresh and medicinal.

Content: 5ml

With a herbaceous and woody fragrance, the Laurel essential oil is a perfect choice for refreshing the air. The slightly minty and camphoraceous fragrance also promotes concentration.

Content: 3ml

Roman Chamomile

The elegant, gentle, and refreshing apple-like fragrance is another classic essential oil scent. The Roman Chamomile essential oil promotes good sleep and is perfect for anxiety relief.

Content: 3ml

Rose Geranium
Suu’s Rose Geranium essential oil is extracted from rose geranium plants with leaves that smell like roses. The sweetly rosy, earthy, and herbaceous is a well-balanced scent and enhances emotions of positivity and calmness.

Content: 3ml

Safety Guidelines

– Keep essential oils away from fire.
– Do not let children use essential oils.
– Avoid long-term use and ventilate appropriately.
– Do not apply undiluted essential oils to your skin.
– Do not use essential oils on/ around the eyes and lips.
– Do not use essential oils on dogs, cats, birds, horses, or other pets.
– Do not use essential oils on plastic, artificial marble, furniture, paint, etc.
– Do not take essential oils internally without guidance from a qualified practitioner.
– Some oils can cause irritation sensitization or allergic reactions in some individuals.
– Please consult with a specialist for use during pregnancy or if you have special conditions.

Storage Guidelines to maximize shelf life

– Do not store essential oils in hot, bright, or humid areas.
– Close the cap immediately after use to prevent oxidation.
– Store in an area that is inaccessible to children.


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