Desserto Cactus Leather

About Desserto Cactus Leather

DESSERTO Cactus Leather is a durable and soft bio leather for eco-conscious brands.
The characteristics of DESSERTO branded cactus leather are conventional leather-like textures, high durability, and breathability.

 What DESSERTO Cactus Leather is

DESSERTO is a brand of cactus leather (bio leather made from the nopal cactus) manufactured by ADRIANO DI MARTI, Mexico. 

How DESSERTO Cactus Leather is Made

For the production of their cactus leather, Desserto uses the native Mexican nopal cactus.

The cacti on the farms are grown entirely with rainwater and without the use of irrigation systems.
On the farms, the cacti are grown without herbicides and pesticides.

About every eight months, the mature leaves of the nopal cacti are cut
and dried under the sun for three days until the pulp reaches the desired humidity levels for further processing.
The pulp is then turned into powder and molded into sheets without the use of PVC.

Desserto cactus leather consists of 35% cactus, about 5% of other natural ingredients, 60% of bio-PU.
The dying and tanning process of the Desserto cactus leather is made with naturally derived ingredients
and is not treated with toxic chemicals such as chrome. 

Sustainablity of DESSERTO Cactus Leather

Desserto cactus leather is considered as the leather with the least environmental impact on the planet.

The production of the Desserto cactus leather in Mexico requires no irrigation system and almost no external energy.
Unlike conventional leather and faux leather, cactus leather, in general, has low water usage, CO2 emission
and doesn’t use harmful chemicals during the production process.

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