A Bluer Summer

We dive deep into the blue for summer 2022 and explore the color most commonly associated with imagination and harmony.

A summer without blue is unthinkable. We think of the soft blue of the sky and the hues of water of the beaches.

As one of the most quintessentially summery colors, we have explored the dyes on offsait studio products.

Primarily associated with royalty and power, blue has a very calming effect.

On the wool trousers, the blue dye creates a beach-like gradation. Due to the nature of wool, the dye can slowly ascend along the material, creating shades of blue like teal, aquamarine, and turquoise.

The flared legs of the wool pants were dyed in deep navy, resembling the deep oceans to create a little nautical feeling and attention-grabbing.


A similar case is visible on the TENCELand linen material. On the shirts, the gradation is lighter and softer due to the airiness of the fabric. Yet, the deep blue seems stronger.

Hand-Dyed Shirt - Sweet Sky
Hand-Dyed Shirt - A Bluer Summer I
Hand-Dyed Belted Wide Flared Trousers in Wool
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