The Story of our very 1st Product – offsait studio

The Story of our very 1st Product

Take a walk down a street in a German city, and you will realize that almost everyone carries a tote bag. From school children, students, professionals to seniors, the bags seem to be an essential item. It may be a branded bag with the name of a magazine or an inspirational quote on it. The tote bags are part of daily life.

The bags, however, are not only carried around for practical reasons. For some, they serve as a communication tool to show others what you read, where you shop, and what you stand for.

We created the tote bag as a blank canvas.
A starting point for communication and new connections.

Our bag’s sophisticated design with a spacious interior makes it a perfect choice for daily wear. Whether it is for a quick walk to the convenience store or a gallery opening, the bag will be a refined statement wherever you decide to go. Crafted in Kyoto, from Japanese canvas and Mexican cactus leather, the bag has a slim rectangular silhouette with long handles that fit comfortably over the shoulder.

The bag is stripped-down to its essentials, with a sturdy canvas base and long cactus leather handles. We had not included an inside pocket in our first design. By coincidence, the manufacturer, however, included one for the first product sample. Eventually, we liked the idea of having a small pocket and kept it for our final product.

The reason to keep the main body as minimal as possible is that we will use the big canvas to collaborate with illustrators, painters, and embroidery artists. To convey the concept of offsait in many creative ways, we will utilize the idea of tote bags as a tool of communication and expression.